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Post Graduate Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetics Management Course

The Post Graduate Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetics Management is the first of its kind course introduced in India in partnership with the globally reputed French Group Institute Superior International of Perfumes, Cosmetics and Aromatic Alimentaire(ISIPCA), which was backed by the Chamber of Commerce and University of Versailles.

This unique course offers a dual competence to the students - technical know-how and managerial training required by the industry. The course aims at developing directly employable manpower - middle level technical and managerial- for the fast growing cosmetics, perfumery and allied industries in India and abroad.

Liberalization and globalisation of the economy has accelerated growth and speed of income and wealth and made India the 4th largest economy in the world on the basis of Purchasing Power Parity. This will augment the markets for perfumery, cosmetics and allied industries. This in turn will also require trained and competent manpower. The course is tailor made to meet this growing requirement.

The technical know-how in perfumery will include understanding and recognition of various raw materials and their properties, which are essential for the formulation of some basic perfumes as well as some basic accords. Since people associate perfumery with various cultures besides technical aspects, the students will be given a brief over view of the history of perfume evolution in different cultures. At the same time they will also be kept abreast with the current market trends all over the world. On similar grounds, students will be acquainted with various ingredients that go into the formulation of various cosmetic products. The on-hand practical training in the formulation of various personal care as well as color cosmetics products will enable one to understand the manufacturing procedures prevalent in the industry. Bearing in mind the increasing importance of conformance to various legislative regulations, Indians, US, European and Japanese regulations will be introduced in the programme. A significant number of sessions will be spent on specialty products in cosmetics. A special emphasis is also given to active ingrdients as well as herbal cosmetics since they are the fastest growing market segments in the world.

Perfumes and Cosmetics are products that appeal to different senses of human beings and thus the science behind understanding the psychophysiology of the sensory appeal will be covered. Increasing demand for manufacturing of safe products makes it necessary to understand the various safety testing methods and the efficacy testing methods to evaluate the quality of the finished products. Today every industry is very keen on its sustainable development programmes, and increasing threats to the environment makes it mandatory to study the science behind environmental conservation.

The programme also aims at moulding students into proactive managers with entrepreneurial vision and commitment. The management training will include Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Management of Information, Basic Accounting and Management and Cost Accounting, Context of Business Enterprise, Marketing and Entrepreneurship & Strategic Development of Enterprise.