V.G.Vaze College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mulund, Mumbai            


The college library was setup in 1984 with 2650 books. Today it has grown to over 54,000 books with addition of e-resources as well. Growth of the library collections has been in tune with the growing needs of institution.

College Library has been playing a very significant role in the Educational Process and it is heart of the institution. Library provides knowledge resources to achieve objectives of the institution and helps in conservation as well as dissemination of knowledge. Our College Library performs a variety of functions by the way of collecting information, processing and retrieving the relevant information, helping the students and faculty with text books, reference books and journals, as well as by maintaining an efficient reference and information service, providing Internet facility and Multimedia facility.

Library Timing:

- Library remains open from Monday to Saturday between 7.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. From 5pm to 10.00 p.m., one classroom on the ground floor is kept open for students interested in studying after library hours.

Total Holdings as on 1 Feb 2012
  1. Books - 54,800
  2. Periodicals – 110 (Journals=50, Magazines=60)
  3. Newspapers - 19
  4. CD-DVDs - 1010
  5. Vaze Vision (CD/DVDs)-73
  6. Maps - 21
  7. Globe: - 01

Online Electronic Journals: Our college has subscribed to e-resources through the programme entitled N-LIST i.e. (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content) of INFLIBNET funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Under this programme we have been provided access to more than 2,100 e-journals and more than 51,000 e-books. It covers subject areas like humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, chemical sciences, biological sciences, medical sciences, mathematical sciences, law, history, political sciences, linguistics, literature, to mention a few.

Reading Room Facility: - The Reading Room and foyer space has a seating capacity of almost 250 students. Scholar's card: To promote excellence, Scholars cards are issued to the top 10 students from each class. This card facilitates the students to borrow an additional book for home reading.

Book Bank Scheme: - The College has an Book Bank Scheme run by the Students Mutual Aid Fund for the economically backward & needy students. A set of textbooks is provided to the students to be used in the academic year, and returned after the final examination is over.

Computerization of the Library and Multimedia Section: - The library has network of one server and 10 nodes. The computerization of the library is in the process. The Library is using SOUL 2.0 Software developed by INFLIBNET. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) provides access to the bibliographic database. Barcoding of books and issuing of barcoded membership cards is in progress in a phased manner. Multimedia section has 23 computers with internet facility. Faculty members and students take advantage of this facility on a large scale.

Internet facility: Internet facility is available to students for educational purpose.

New Arrivals: - New arrivals for the information of students and teachers.

Celebrations of birth and death anniversaries of Great Personalities: - In respect of renowned personalities from social, political, cultural and other areas, Library displays Photo frames of Great Personalities like Lokmanya Tilak, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, and Dr. Ranganathan etc. on their anniversary.

Collection of Dissertations and Theses: - Library collects dissertations and theses of students and faculty members. Library makes available these materials to faculty members, research scholars and students.

Membership: The Library is a member of The British Council Library, Asiatic Society Library and American Center Library.

Library Committee: - Library committee acts as an advisory committee and holds regular meetings. Library committee has 6 members, as follows:

  1. Prof. A.B. Chitnis - Chairman
  2. Dr. V.S.Panse - Member
  3. Dr. Mishra Ashok - Member
  4. Dr. A. S. Vaidya - Member
  5. Prof. Bhujbal D.K - Member
  6. Mr. Paritosh D. Pawar- Secretary (Librarian)